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CrispGraphics Racing

MXSP Summer Series

CrispGraphics Racing

Riders: 450 Pro: Jack Paterson #657 (03 Hero) 250 Am: Cole Heberlein #391 (3rd Place, 2013 rF C Class SX Championship) Mitch Parnwell #702 (Kiwi BOSS!!!) Korey Boddington #481 (SX Goon) Luke Butcher #880 (irl BMX fag) Scott Woolford #226 (all round legend!) Skins: **Our skins are not for public use** Bikes and Wheels: Gear: Credits: JLV: The best mx game ever! rF, MXS Central and EMF: For hosting the best MXS events in town! Attacker: Suzuki model, template and his Yosh pipe ('please do not ask for the other pipes, I need to work on them first before they are ready for release, and no, I am not sending them to you as is.' Attacker) Mason: For making the TLD Mirage GP gear Ryan Flanagan: For buying the gear and allowing us to use it for the 2013 rF Nationals Fransoo773: For his MX51 Dunlops Korey: For getting the gear, doing the names and numbers. Every TS owner who has allowed us to have a channel in: Thanks Me: For the screenshots, bike graphics/some parts Visit Crisp Graphics Facebook Page for all of our Updates
RankDivision NameIn-game nameLast bikeNumber
CaptainA class auBODDINGTON, KoreyAsh \"Bandit\" Taig #thenewbieyz250f(2013)84
RiderC class hero auBUTCHER, LukeLuke Butchercrf250(2009)880