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VOD Motorsports Suzuki

MXSP Summer Series

VOD Motorsports Suzuki

VOD Motorsports is a Suzuki factory team created and managed by the VOD Youtube Network. Youtube Channel for MXS Content: Network Channel:
RankDivision NameIn-game nameLast bikeNumber
Team OwnerHead HonchousDAWSON, Grant---
RiderHead HonchoseCARLSSON, LinusLynchrmz450(2013)0

Latest Races

TimeTrackIn-game nameBest TimeTRT
2013-07-11 11:02:152013 Motosport World GP Rd 10: KegumsLynch02:08.601-
2013-07-11 10:48:102013 Motosport World GP Rd 10: KegumsLynch02:06.42913:00.484