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MXSP Summer Series | | is an European mxsimulator team. We are mainly racing the EMF series and try to be at the top in this competition. The history if this team actually goes back to november 2009. The team got founded back then and was a replica team of the factory Suzuki team for many years. Due to the new rF ruling the whole team got a facelift. We joined the multigaming clan called Shortly after that we came in touch with who will be our sponsor for the 2013 season. The leader of this team is one of the founders, Frederik Van Eeckhoven. He managed the team trough good and bad times. He saw a lot of people joining and leaving. But nothing stopped him to keep going and keep working on a team that is at the same time having fun.
RankDivision NameIn-game nameLast bikeNumber
Team OwnerLike a bossbeVAN EECKHOVEN, FrederikFrederik Van Eeckhovenrm125477
RiderLike 2-smokegbHODGSON, | Z.Hodgson | iGn-esports.com250sx(2012)131
RiderJust a winnerdeKONZACK, - Andy Konzack [GER]crf450(2011)221
RiderJust a winnerseNYMAN, | Christoffer Nyman | iGncrf450(2013)727
RiderJust a winnerbeROBYN, JasperJasper Robyn - RIP mx477 | iGnyz12517

Latest Races

TimeTrackIn-game nameBest TimeTRT
2013-12-23 15:38:02Altitude mxJasper Robyn - RIP…01:49.30410:11.500
2013-12-21 20:03:19Altitude mxFrederik Van Eeckh…01:43.99225:22.492
2013-12-21 19:31:32Altitude mxFrederik Van Eeckh…01:44.53924:59.937
2013-12-21 19:00:17Altitude mxFrederik Van Eeckh…01:45.43711:30.390
2013-12-21 19:00:17Altitude mxJasper Robyn - RIP…01:58.77310:32.601
2013-12-21 18:43:48Altitude mxFrederik Van Eeckh…01:45.30411:16.000
2013-12-21 18:43:48Altitude mxJasper Robyn - RIP…01:50.67913:34.281
2013-12-21 18:26:09Altitude mxFrederik Van Eeckh…01:46.22611:55.453
2013-12-21 18:26:09Altitude mxJasper Robyn - RIP…01:53.18712:13.234
2013-12-21 16:26:23Altitude mxJasper Robyn - RIP…01:52.89013:21.390