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KTM Racing Ukraine/Russia

MXSP Summer Series

KTM Racing Ukraine/Russia

Now we got just 5 rider, but in one day we have some bigest) Forum: Our skin:!yNY2FZxT!iE_O00DHs_lO51T3bXUsVUlbizkYeaTHo2C3Lorw6dM
RankDivision NameIn-game nameLast bikeNumber
Captain250 RideruaPAVLUCHENKOV, DimesDimes Pavluchenkov | Looking for teamyz250f(2009)923

Latest Races

TimeTrackIn-game nameBest TimeTRT
2014-08-18 20:14:54Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…02:50.07024:36.351
2014-08-18 19:39:32Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…02:46.49223:14.398
2014-08-18 19:10:12Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…02:54.22615:51.500
2014-08-18 18:48:00Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…03:15.85913:05.921
2014-08-18 16:44:53Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…02:55.48412:06.562
2014-08-18 16:24:59Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…03:03.24212:16.695
2014-08-18 16:02:58Black Mesa MXDimes Pavluchenkov…03:17.41410:08.367
2014-08-11 20:27:012011 Supercross Rd 1 - Anaheim 1Dimes Pavluchenkov…01:12.85111:22.390
2014-04-17 20:51:532012 Supercross Rd 3 - Los AngelesDimes Pavluchenkov…01:00.132-
2014-04-17 20:36:432012 Supercross Rd 2 - PhoenixDimes Pavluchenkov…01:00.750-