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Lenaways Racing

MXSP Summer Series

Lenaways Racing

Lenaways Racing (LRC) is a privateer race team riding all Hondas.
RankDivision NameIn-game nameLast bikeNumber
Team OwnerHead HonchousLENAWAY, CorbinCorbin Lenawaycrf250(2013)0
CaptainSecond in CommandusKINA, AustinAustin Kina / K&L Racingcrf250(2009)128

Latest Races

TimeTrackIn-game nameBest TimeTRT
2014-05-02 03:35:33AMA National: Millville 2008Corbin Lenaway04:07.343-
2014-05-02 03:35:33AMA National: Millville 2008Austin Kina / K&L …04:18.234-
2014-05-01 05:38:20AMA National: Millville 2008Corbin Lenaway03:26.531-
2014-05-01 05:38:20AMA National: Millville 2008Austin Kina / K&L …04:00.968-